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The Psychology of Jogging


I didn’t make any New Year resolutions, but unexpectedly to myself I started jogging… first thing in the morning, before I go to work. It really is dark and cold out there at this time and pretty empty, despite it being central London. And when I found myself in this inhospitable environment, I realised that it’s not all about keeping physically fit and healthy. It benefits your emotional health even more.

These masochistic jogging sessions, taken earlier than you need to wake up, when you could still be legitimately horizontal, give you the sense of confidence and control, they empower you. It happens because in the morning it’s difficult to wake up and leave your cocoon. The world seems limitless, inscrutable and therefore menacing. Your day ahead seems overwhelming. The self feels small and defenceless before its might. However, when you wake up half an hour earlier and go out, into the dark and cold, everything else thereafter seems manageable, because you have seen the world beyond your normal day with all its challenges and you know its boundaries. Boundaries mean control.

Below are the images of Primrose Hill as it’s supposed to be and the same place as I see it when I enter it at 7 am on a January morningΒ πŸ˜‚Β 




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