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How to be the best daughter in the world


Yesterday was my Mum’s birthday.  I was almost certain that she was not going to like whatever I would buy for her, yet I still made this mistake of buying something (I could have given cash!). I sacrificed my lunch break. I went to a nice place. I took my time looking for the best. I thought I found it. It was a merino wool jumper. This is because she doesn’t like synthetic fabrics.

I gave it to her. She didn’t like it. She said natural fabrics were difficult to wash. She couldn’t be bothered. I was all wrong. Why couldn’t I buy nylon? Didn’t they have any? I took her back to the shop, as they had plenty of nylon. She now had a choice.

Fast forwarding (really fast!), she didn’t like anything. “This is all nice. But I don’t know. This is not my life style. This is not me.” I just returned the jumper. And I took my money back.

And I drew cash. And I gave it to her. Finally she was happy and I – at peace. Next time I’ll  just have my lunch and be the best daughter in the world. Amen.